Artist Profile: Eyec Jaé

Eyec Jaé

Genre: Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop

Location: London, United Kingdom








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Eyec Jae Ft. Kamil - All Yours 
Eyec Jae - Good Good  
Eyec Jaé Ft. Emmanuel - So Dark 
Eyec Jaé - Me And Ella Thomas
Eyec Jaé - Alexanders Confession 

About Me

Eyec Jaé began music from a young age as a coping mechanism growing up in a single-mother's household, where that is not very common in an Southern Asian community. He started out with his brother and his friends, a group that they called MVE. He now works independently with his own set called HAPPY MIDNIGHT and also under the group alias of PRETTY UGLY with his engineer and creative director Nazmul 'Naz' Hoque. His music is based on his life experiences as a young teenager who moved away from his mother's home and to London to pursue his music whilst studying for a degree in Law. The fact his music is based on his life experiences, his interest and society in general, it allows his lyrics to become naturally relatable to the feelings of those that listen. His music has been showcased widely over BBC Radio with support from Yasser, DJ Limelight and Radio 1's very own Nihal. He has also performed a number of times up and down the UK. 

Through his own hard work and determination he has gained thousands of loyal supporters and despite a number of setbacks, Eyec's love for music has kept him going on to create incredible Hip-Hop and R&B infused music.  His use of expression and words throughout his lyrics is what sets him apart, his play on words, humour and seriousness are all elements which makes him his own person and not a facade. The passion and love for music he demonstrates is obvious as he constantly strives to do better. He has previously released a number of mixtapes that were all recorded in his bedroom however he is now ready to take his music to another level by seriously mastering his craft and strategically releasing a quality of music.

Music is what my feelings sound like...