Artist Profile: Brotherhood

Name: Brotherhood
Genre: Grime
Location: Ipswich Town, United Kingdom






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Brotherhood - Doesinit Now 
Brotherhood Ft. Maxsta - Alone With My Thoughts 
Brotherhood - Hit It Again 

About Me

Brotherhood are a sibling duo from Ipswich Town including members Menace (the younger brother) and Blaze (the older). Originating from grime, they like to think themselves versatile and indulge in Hip Hop (as well as other genres) just as much. Formed in 2006, strictly as a hobby and treated as something to do in their spare time, Brotherhood never even dreamed of the things that were set to happen. In 2010, they caught the eye of some big names in the Grime scene (Ice, Dot Rotten, Wiley, Maxsta etc) and ever since have been spending their time finding themselves and drawing out “the masterplan”. Today, they believe they are ready and are putting everything into pursuing their career in the music industry. From featuring on media mogul Jamal Edwards’ YouTube channel “SBTV”, to touring with chart topper Wiley, Brotherhood are breaking the barriers that seem to have been surrounding their small town for so long. They are now also a part of the MINARMY Media Group (Music Inspiration Network Army) alongside founder Dot Rotten and acts such as Ed Sheeran, Dappy etc but otherwise are completely independent. Brotherhood have a bright future ahead of them and a fast-growing fan base to ensure it!