Jus-P - Supafriendz 2

Album Name: Jus-P - Supafriendz 2 Album Download

Genre: Hip-Hop
Format: Mp3


1. Mason Storm

2. Running With Knives (Ft. Solomon Childs)

3. Concrete Survival (Ft. Hell Razah, Merc Versus & Anthai)

4. O.W.E. (Ft. G.S. Advance)

5. Chinese Super Ninjaz (Ft. Eff Yoo, Spit Gemz, Skanks Da Rap Martyr, G.S. Advance & Solomon Childs)

6. Dragon Sickness (Ft. Solomon Childs)

7. No Fly Zone (Ft. Shield Enforcers, KRS-One & Nova Kane)

8. Tell You What (Ft. Iron Wind)

9. Meeting Of The Minds (Ft. Dark Skinned Assassin & Crisis The Sharpshooter)

10. Cold World

11. Corner Store Revolution (Ft. Solomon Childs, Dungeon Masta & Godilla)

12. Never Tell Me (Ft. Solomon Childs)


Jimi Tents - I Can't Go Home

Album Name: Jimi Tents - I Can't Go Home Album Download

Genre: Rap
Format: Mp3


1. NY vs. LA

2. Domino Effect

3. No Looking Back (Glance)

4. Should've Called, Pt. 2 (Ft. Saidbysed)

5. Right Now (I Wanna Interlude)

6. The Shining

7. Rick Rubin

8. 2 Shots (Ft. Ro James)

9. Watcha Gon Do

10. Below The Surface (Ft. Saba)

11. Closure

12. Set Me Free

13. Outro


Sabrina Claudio - Unravel Me

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - On The Stretch & Bob Show

IshDARR - Dumb Playing

MO - Nights With You

Camila Cabello - I Have Questions (Lyric Video)

Kygo & Ellie Goulding - First Time

Lana Del Rey Ft. The Weeknd - Lust For Life

John Legend - Surefire


Album Name: XXXTENTACION - Free X Album Download

Genre: Rap
Format: Mp3


1. Bricks

2. I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore

3. King of the Dead

4. Take a Step Back (Ft. Ski Mask the Slump God)

5. Yung Bratz

6. Don't Test Me (Remix) (Ft. Wifisfuneral)

7. Run Up One Me

8. Save Me (Ft. Yaprak Asimov)

9. Inuyasha (Ft. Drugz)

10. I Spoke to the Devil in Miami

11. Suicide Pit (Freestyle)

12. Let's Pretend We're Numb

13. You're Thinking Too Much, Stop It

14. Wing Ridden Angel

15. Skin

16. Clarity

17. Run

18. Snow (Ft. Killstation)

19. I Luv My Clique

20. Failure Is Not an Option


Supreme Sniper - As I Enter

Album Name: Supreme Sniper - As I Enter Album Download

Genre: Hip-Hop
Format: Mp3


1. Intro

2. It's Goin Down

3. Goin In On 'Em (Ft. Tha Realness & Pryme Prolifik)

4. You Already Know (Ft. DJ Modesty)

5. That's That

6. ILL Majestic (Ft. Chez Rock)

7. It Won't Stop (Ft. Shatike)

8. Move Aside (Ft. Spit Nyce)

9. Same Ones (Ft. Dro Pesci & Sunblaze)

10. Frontlines (Ft. Skanks & Zak1)

11. Keep Rollin

12. What's Goin On (Ft. Shatike)

13. Heavyweights (Ft. Doc Ahk & Amo1)